Anchored to the Earth

When a seed is planted,

do you think it knows

it can become a tree?

Could a flower do more

than just blossom

in the spring?

As a child

I believed that the soil

would make my feet grow.

My toes anchored

in the Earth

seeking nourishment

and life.

To a child

anything is possible.

And given the right


from a tiny seed

they can grow

into a giant oak tree,

or a quiet Lady Slipper.

As long as they blossom

they will thrive.

-K. Lukasak 2015

Where happiness is hidden (The answer is at the end of this post)

There is something to be said about being happy. Such a simple concept, but happiness has become harder and harder to find. And you know why? Because we are looking for it.

happinessHappiness doesn’t come when you reach a certain point in your life or meet that someone special. Happiness happens when you accept where you are and what you have in the moment.

I am not suggesting giving up on pursuing dreams or making a better life for yourself, but if you cannot recognize happiness with what you have, then how can you possibly find it when life hands it to you?

“Happiness is hiding under our nose.”

Rooted in Change

I change my hair to alter who I am.

I add accessories and makeup,

while playing dress up in the mirror.

Like a mood ring,

my hair dictates my frame of mind.

From sinister and dramatic,

to raw and entertaining.

My hair, however short or long

regulates the tone.

So if you don’t like the weather

just wait a minute,

Because this girl

is never on auto-pilot.

– K. Lukasak 15′

When the tables are turned

It has already been four weeks since my father went in for Bi-pass surgery. Not that anything is ever routine, but we expected it to be an in and out procedure.

Long story short, the surgery went as planned, but recovering did not. Four weeks later my father has a trachea, feeding tube and is on dialysis.

Although the doctors remain hopeful, this journey has been very hard on my mother. Almost daily my mother sits by his side to comfort my nearly unresponsive father, letting him know that he is loved and not forgotten.

In the evening I talk to my mom, and offer words of support, but really I feel helpless with this situation. I wish that I lived closer and was able to do more, but I know that right now it’s just not possible.

HandsIn all of this mess, I have found a silver lining. For all those years growing up my parents took care of me. They listened to me when boyfriends broke my heart, supported my dreams of becoming a writer and watched me move on to become an adult.

After all those years of giving to me, I welcome the opportunity to give back to them. I will never see us as equals, because she will always be my mother, but I feel fortunate to be there for her when she needs me.

Even though times have been stressful, I find strength in knowing that I am doing what I can to love and support my mother and family.