“When flying, be your own pilot.”

Over thinking things is basically something I am very good at, but there are times when that personality flaw comes in handy.

I have a hard time saying no, and maybe not in the way that you think. I say no all the time. “No I can’t go out tonight, homework to get done,” “No I shouldn’t have that extra cookie,” but there are times when it is hard to say no — When the question presents itself as an opportunity.

Working your way through life can seem like strategic planning. Picking the right job, volunteering your time and being involved with extra curricular activities, but eventually you can get overloaded.

I should know……

FliesI think it was about this time last year I had to revisit how I was spending my time. I had worked really hard to branch out, but instead of feeling good about my achievements I was feeling stressed. After some deep reflection I had realized that I took on all the extra tasks for the wrong reason.

As much I loved being a part of certain organizations and activities I wasn’t doing it because I really wanted to. I started saying yes and even seeking out opportunities for growth, because I thought it would be good for my professional development.

In some cases this is true. Being involved is a good thing, but it still has to be for the right reasons. I found that I was doing not only myself but the people I was involved in a disservice.

I could see the level of dedication and enthusiasm that these people had for they were doing and my heart just wasn’t it. What I thought would be beneficial for me turned out to be stressful.

The hardest part for me was walking away. I felt really bad. I don’t like to go back on things that I have promised to do, but there comes a time when you have to listen to your gut. Eventually I was able to feel better about my decisions, but it took some time.

I think it’s important to reevaluate your life every once and while and see if the direction you are headed in is the right one. It can be hard to prioritize how and where you spend your time, especially when it seems so beneficial, but it has to be looked at with the bigger picture.

Don’t get mad over spilled milk

I know that’s not how the saying goes, but in the world we live in today, anger versus crying comes to mind when I think about how we react to things.

Moving on is an acquired taste. Like drinking beer it isn’t something people start off doing willingly, but over time you learn to embrace it, and even look for ways to utilize it.

I find my life is complicated enough to have to worry about the extras that come along. Homework, deadlines at work and everyday things happen. With only so much energy to expend each day, it would be considered a waste to use it on things that don’t benefit me or others around me.

Move-On-QuoteIt’s funny how everyone likes to mock those three famous and sometimes annoying words from Frozen, “Let it go,” but there really is some truth to it.

Why spend our time dwelling on the negative when we should be embracing and living the positive.

Just a little words for thought as we get ready to start a new week. I am finding that June has some how escaped me, and July has already begun knocking.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly life goes by, don’t waste it being angry.

Looking up to others

When I think of a leader, I think of someone with confidence, motivation and a vision. Leaders are kind, good listeners and know how to communicate well with others. They come across as approachable and friendly; someone you would like to know.

So why is it when I think about leaders, that I don’t think about me?

I make it a priority to be active in the community and support local arts. I also like to follow through with my word, because I want people to know that they can count on me.

Recently a few of my friends have made comments about how they admire my work ethic and achievements. To be honest it caught me off guard, because I just felt like I was doing what people should do. It finally started to occur to me that people are watching what I am doing, and may even look to me as an example.

LeaderI’m not going to lie, it’s an odd feeling when people make these types of comments. It’s both humbling and slightly overwhelming to know that there are some people who see you as a role model.

When I think about those people who view me as their inspiration it reminds me how important it is to always try my best. When I’ve tried explain this to others, they think I am crazy, but I really think there is something to be said for it. Because just like I depend on other, there are people who depend on me.

I am learning to welcome and accept these thoughtful comments from my friends, even on the days I feel less than worthy.

As I’ve said before, it’s important to share the positive qualities you see in the people around you. We can work together to uplift people and let them know that they are on the right track.

More than just art

My posts are becoming few and far between, but if you could see my life on the other side of this screen you would know why.

Besides the normal, work, school, mom, wife, friend routine; I have been working on myself, specifically my artist self. I have been working on my identity, channeling my focus, and looking for ways to bring my aspirations to life.

White Bleeding HeartsSince my last post at the beginning of June, I have been working on solidifying my new line of greeting cards. I took and processed several photos, and then put them out to my friends to vote on the six best photos.

Once chosen, I’ll send the images off to the printer and then when I have my cards in hand, I will be busy working to find them all good homes.

I’ll likely start local, selling them at the summer markets, and setting up card racks at some smaller stores. Online selling might also be in my future, but I’m not really sure which site I want to use yet.

I am really excited, because I have always wanted to make greeting cards using my art, and now I am going to be doing it. Although it’s taken some time and a little leg work, it really came down to effort.

Once I got myself in motion everything else seemed to fall in place. It’s nice seeing your dreams become a reality.

Go ahead, take the first step.

Remember you can always see my latest pieces by visiting and following www.fatcatartist.com

Accepting change as apart of growth while finding my inner identity

Spawning off from my question, “Who am I,” has prompted me to reflect on my artist identity. It’s hard to indentify something that is always evolving, but I forced myself to work on my elevator speech. If I had to define myself in some way and sum up my work what would it be? Would I be able to explain what I enjoy doing and my artistic goals.

Truthfully I had a hard time with it. I knew what I liked to do, but I wanted it to be more concrete than that. I certainly don’t suggest that each person takes this task upon themselves, but like many of you know I am a soul searcher. I am never content with just letting things be.

life-begins-at-the-end-of-your-comfort-zone-aIn my quest for finding my artist identity I suspended my Facebook page that is associated with this blog. Yes I had followers, but I didn’t really feel like it served any real purpose. I was just reposting what I posted here, and never did anything else as far as updates. Although I do like to remind people to read my blog posts, there has to be a better way. Plus I really associated “Getting on Top” as my writing identity and not really as everything that I was made up of.

The name “Fat Cat Artist” came from a series of paintings that I did. The name has stuck with me, and I feel it encompasses all my artistic mediums.

One of the biggest things that I have learned from this process is to accept what your heart and mind is telling you. I needed to start something new. It didn’t mean that I was walking away from the identity that I have created for myself, just letting it grow with me. Accepting change is not easy, but once you get past that uncomfortable part it really can be liberating.

The take away: Trust your instinct and follow your heart. It may seem like worn out words of advice, but there is extreme truth behind it.

Who am I, said the artist to herself.

Oh the joys of a creative brain. I really have missed all of you, and I have been meaning to write, but I have been cheating on my laptop with my camera.

This warm weather has gotten me outside and spending less time behind the screen writing. I have been having so much fun taking pictures, but it doesn’t stop there. Of course I want to share them with everyone too.

It takes some time to edit the ones I love and then I wanted a website to arrange them and then of course why not add a new Twitter and e-mail account to top it all off……..

HeartI may be getting a head of myself, but I really enjoying organizing things like that. It makes me happy to see all my photos in one spot with my own domain name making it easy to share with others. Psst visit www.fatcatartist.com to see some of my work.

Like always I plan on creating a better schedule to allow for more writing. Although most of my “writing time” is being eating up by class work. I am now in a 20th Century Lit class which requires a large amount of work.

Instead of the shorter papers I have use to, I am required to write lots of little papers and one really long one. Our weekly discussions are also quite time consuming, but all in all it’s a good class.

On the bright side I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only have one more year until I graduate! That means two more classes after this one, and then just my two thesis classes. Yippee!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I am one of the few people who enjoys Monday’s because I love my “normal” routine which is not present on the weekends. Hopefully we will be chatting sooner rather than later.